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The Goodbye JJ picspam... Seasons 1&2

If someone would have told me a few months ago that I will be making a goodbye JJ picspam I would have said: "Yeah, right! They can't get rid of her! They NEED her!". Well, seems like I was wrong. I made a picspam which includes a moment from every episode JJ has been. Today, seasons 1-2...I think that her character had so much more potential... We saw that at the very begging of season 6. I'll hate CBS for the rest of my life for what they've done. What else can I say? Enjoy this picspam, remembering Jennifer Jareau.

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Multifandoms (House md && Criminal Minds)

[1-33]House MD - Season 2
[34-53]Criminal Minds - Mostly 05x21
[54-62]Jennifer Morrison


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Criminal Minds trimming cast...

 This is insaaane! How can CBS do this?? I just can't believe it!

sign the petition HERE!
let's stop this madness!

Girls just wanna have fun

House MD 04x14 [1-19]
Criminal Minds 03x15 [20-33]
Jennifer Morrison[34-38]
Blake Lively[39-41]
Leighton Meester[42-47]
Stock [48-63]


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[1-16] House MD 04x12 
[17-29] Criminal Minds 02x18
[30-60] Jennifer Morrison 


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House MD - 05x21 Saviors  

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27 House MD 03x02 icons

27 House MD 03x02 icons



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Happy Birthday, Jen!

I made something for Jen's birthday :)

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25 icons House MD 03x06 - Que Será Será

  03x06 - Que Será Será

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